How to get an Oil and Gas Job

How to get oil and gas job (tips and tricks) Oil and Gas industry is changing day by day. If you want to survive in this field you should have various skills related to this field. In this article, I will discuss different skills. You need to follow these steps.

1-Effective Communication

Your communication should be good. If you communicate effectively with your colleagues then you will get success in this field. If your communication will not good and your colleagues will unable to understand your command then your struggle will be failed. You should expert in communication. Did communication at the level of worker. Use simple and local language.

2-Time Management

If you are good in time management then you will get Success. As you know that in Oil and Gas industry there is lot projects. You need to deliver these projects at time. Then your time management should be good.

3-Team Building

Oil and Gas projects are done in whole team. You should be good in team building. Be polite with your employees. If you work as a team manager then mange team wisely for better results.

4-Team working abilities

you should have good team working abilities. Your team work should be good. Give respect to opinion of employees. Listen them attentively. Cooperate with workers. Be honest with your workers. Show loyalty with your company.

5-Better Planning

Plan your goals in advance. Change your plan not your goal. Achieve goal in short time. Give proper time to workers for better planning. Notice impact of plan on your team. Motivate the employees for better results.

6-Better Management

If you are team manager. Then your team management should be strong. As a manager learn skills from others. Better management consists of better time management and management of documents.

7-Interaction with new technologies

In oil and gas department mostly projects rely on technologies. Then interact your workers with technology. Give training to workers about beneficial use of technology.

8-Focus on skills not on theory

Many workers and engineers are good in academic but they lack skills. As a manager provide them opportunity for learning skills. Be strong in practical and also be a good in theory.

9-Get knowledge and certificates

Get knowledge and certificates about field If you want to become a pro engineer then you get knowledge about allied science like Math, Geology and Physics. Did specialization in any one field like management. Many organizations offers courses related to field. You should do courses from them and get certificate. Which impact heavily on CV.

10-Accredit Certificates and Degrees

Accreditation by council If you are engineer. Your graduation should be from accredited Institutions. For example in Pakistan, PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL is working. Every engineer has specific registration number. It will increase the chances of job. Every country has different councils.

11-Excellence in Academic

You should have minimum 70% marks or 3.0 CGPA throughout your academic record. Be good in co curricular activities which helps in polish your hidden talent.

12-Confidence Level

Confidence level in interview helps in getting good job. But don’t be overconfident during interview. Be calm during interview. Don’t be panic during interview.

13-Effective Curriculum Vitae

If your curriculum vitae means CV will be strong. Mention the skills in CV. If you get skills from other companies related to field then mention skills in CV. Attach certificates with your CV or resume. Effect heavily on interviewers.

14-Proficient on official language

You should be good in official language. Your speaking, listening and learning skills should be good. Be confident during interview and answer him shortly.

15-Learn the basic questions

related to field If you have grip on basic questions related to field then you become a good engineer.

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