Gas Turbine Fire Monitoring and Protection System

Fire Protection System

Turbine enclosure incorporates a dual fire detection system and CO2 fire suppression system under the supervision of Fire and Gas Control System.

Ultraviolet Detectors:

Provides primary fire detection. Continuously monitor interior of enclosure. Detection of ultraviolet signature of a flame by one or more detectors initiates discharge of CO2 in to the enclosure and shut down the engine automatically.

Thermal Detectors:

Provides secondary or back-up fire detection. This is a slower acting system and responds to a rapid increase in enclosure temperature. CO2 discharge will occur if a maximum temperature is reached in the enclosure.

Gas Monitoring System

Infra Red Gas Detectors

Combustible gas monitoring system continuously monitors for presence of flammable gases in the enclosure.

The detector used is a point type Infra Red Gas Detection device.

Detection of gases will result in an alarm or shutdown depending on the concentration of the gas detected.

The start sequence is automatically aborted if a gas is detected at the end of the enclosure purge cycle.

Red Strobe lights

Fitted diagonally on the roof corners.

Provide visual indication of CO2 release.

Enclosure Ventilation

Enclosure is divided in to two compartments.

One compartment encloses the drive modules and the other generator module.

Electric motor driven Ventilation fans provide forced cooling air flow for each compartment.

Generator module fan blows air in to the enclosure at the forward end provides a slight positive pressure within the enclosure. Ventilation air is drawn through the generator windings to cool the windings and is ducted out of the generator through the enclosure roof.

Driver module fan draws air from the enclosure and provides a slight negative pressure within the enclosure.

Air enters the turbine module at the forward end and is exits at aft end.

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