Gas Compressor Applications

Gas compressors are used in various applications where either higher gas pressures or lower volumes of gas are needed:

  1. In pipeline transport  of purified natural gas to move the gas from the production site to the consumer.
  1. In petroleum refineries, natural gas processing plants, petrochemical and chemical plants, and similar large industrial plants for compressing intermediate and end product gases.
  1. In refrigeration and air conditioning  systems.
  1. In gas turbine systems to compress the intake combustion air.
  1. In storing purified or manufactured gases in small volume, high pressure cylinders for medical, welding and other uses.
  1. In many various industrial, manufacturing and building processes to power all types of pneumatic tools.
  1. In pressurized  aircraft to provide a breathable atmosphere of higher than ambient pressure.
  1. In some types of jet engines  (such as turbojets and turbofans) to provide the air required for combustion of the engine fuel. The power to drive the combustion air compressor comes from the jet’s own turbines.
  1. In turbochargers and superchargers to increase the performance of internal combustion engines by increasing mass flow.
  1. In  heavy road transport to provide compressed air for operation of vehicle brakes.
  1. Compressor drivers.
  1. There are many types of equipment, often referred to as prime movers, which can be used to drive a compressor:
  1. Steam turbines  and gas turbines.
  1. Natural gas engines, gasoline engines and diesel engines.
  1. Electric motors.
  1. Hydraulic power systems
Gas Compressor Applications
Gas Compressor Applications
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