Boiler Feed-Water Treatment

Boiler Feed-Water Treatment The importance of correct feed-water treatment for economic operation and for extending life of boiler and equipment cannot be over emphasized. Feed-water treatment is essential in boilers, feed-systems, etc., more particularly in modern boilers of a high evaporative rate. (The faster a steam boiler or generator will convert water to steam, the … Read more

Oil Gas Storage Tanks Safety

Tank Safety The following are a guide for fixed, floating, cylindrical and spherical storage tanks and apply to the operation, isolation, gas freeing, cleaning and repairing of such tanks. 5.1       Bunds Tank bunds and retaining walls should be maintained in good condition.  Vegetation inside bunds must be kept cut short.  A tank bund must not … Read more

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Boiler Feed Water

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Feed Water Coming across the feed water analysis, the hydrogen sulfide level of 40 ppm is considered high. Hydrogen sulfide, H2S, is a common taste and odor compound found in underground water source, characterized by a rotten-eggs odor and metallic taste. Hydrogen sulfide gas occurs naturally in crude petroleum, natural gas, … Read more

Boiler Feed Water Pre Treatment

Physical Treatment The hydrogen gas will be allowed to pass from the source of the feed water to the membranes in a closed loop without letting the water get in touch with the air or any oxidizing agent. This step will keep the hydrogen sulfide in gaseous form where it will pass the membranes and … Read more

Gas Turbine Fire Monitoring and Protection System

Fire Protection System Turbine enclosure incorporates a dual fire detection system and CO2 fire suppression system under the supervision of Fire and Gas Control System. Ultraviolet Detectors: Provides primary fire detection. Continuously monitor interior of enclosure. Detection of ultraviolet signature of a flame by one or more detectors initiates discharge of CO2 in to the … Read more

Oil and Gas Instrument Air System

When the competent electrical personnel restore the electrical power supply, the first step to start the station is starting the ‘instrument air system’. The Instrument Air compressors are started. Only after establishing the availability of air system, the plant can be started.  The inlet ESD’s, isolation ESD’s and the various control valves will have to … Read more

Oil and Gas Lift using Beam Pump

Beam Pumping Units When energy is required to move the product to surface, the energy comes in the form of artificial lift. Application of Mechanical Pumping. The mechanical pumping unit remains as one of the best ways to produce artificial lift wells. It is also satisfactory for marginally producing wells, and the majority of all … Read more

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