Oil Gas Flow Measurement Instruments

FLOW MEASUREMENTS Positive Displacement Method Positive displacement meters are direct flow measuring devices.  This means that the flowing stream to be measured is divided into small segments of known volume, and the total flow is determined by adding together the total number of each segments. All positive displacement meters consist of an external housing, an … Read more

How to get an Oil and Gas Job

How to get oil and gas job (tips and tricks) Oil and Gas industry is changing day by day. If you want to survive in this field you should have various skills related to this field. In this article, I will discuss different skills. You need to follow these steps. 1-Effective Communication Your communication should … Read more

The Oil and Gas Upstream Industry

The activity in the Oil and Gas sector can be broadly divided into three sectors: An upstream, midstream and downstream sector. The upstream sector is the part of the Oil and Gas industry involved with finding oil fields and bringing oil up to the ground. Upstream activities include exploratorywork, such as the search for underground … Read more

Oil and Gas Separator Types

TYPES OF SEPARATORS Separators are classified by the shape and orientation of the vessel and by the number of fluids to be segregated.  In terms of shape and orientation, there are three types of separators, in common use are mainly two, Vertical and Horizontal. The number of fluids to be segregated is usually, Two or … Read more

Oil and Gas Air Dryer and Filters

The compressed air from compressor discharge is sent to the vessel “receiver”. This vessel is having sufficiently large volume to store the pressurized air. Loading and unloading of the compressors maintain receiver pressure. The pressure fluctuations due to this will not be transmitted to header because the volume of receiver absorbs them. The receiver is … Read more

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