Oil and Gas Drilling, Different type of casing and their function

Different type of casing and their function :Stope pipe: It is run to prevent washout of near surface unconsolidated formation It provides a circulation system for the drilling mud. It ensure the stability of ground surface. Conductor pipe: It is run from the surface to a shallow depth to protect near surface unconsolidated formation. Seal … Read more

Gas Compressor Applications

Gas compressors are used in various applications where either higher gas pressures or lower volumes of gas are needed: In pipeline transport  of purified natural gas to move the gas from the production site to the consumer. In petroleum refineries, natural gas processing plants, petrochemical and chemical plants, and similar large industrial plants for compressing … Read more

Oil and Gas Basic Safety Rules

Basic Safety RulesStop Unsafe Work Immediately STOP any unsafe work that has thepotential to injure personnel, damage equipment, orharm the environment.Report Incidents Immediately report all work related injuries/illnesses,no matter how minor, to your supervisor. Immediately report all fires, spills, or releases, nomatter how small, to your supervisor. Immediately report any unsafe condition, unsafe act,near miss … Read more

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